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Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Great, The Good, And The Ugh!!

THE GREAT: Yesterday Trey had his first BIG swim meet. Divisionals was held in Black River Falls, and it is a qualifying meet, meaning he needed to place in the top six in any of his events in order to go on to Conference next weekend in Stevens Point. Individually Trey did extraordinarily well...he took time off from his 50 free, a TON of time...nearly 30 his 100 free, and added a fraction of a second onto his 50 back, but he was really tired by then so I can't say I blame him!! He didn't place in the top six individually, but BOTH of his relays...his 200 Medley Relay with him swimming back stroke, and his 200 free relay, both qualified for Conference next week...YAY!! In his 200 free relay, he was second in the relay. When he dove in, his relay was in last place by almost half a pool length. When he got out, they were caught up, neck and neck with the team that was in 5th place. Their relay still came in last, but that's okay....they made it!! On top of that, I'm nearly finished with the baby afaghan I've been crocheting, thanks to having time during that meet to work on it!! LOL

THE GOOD: Today Trey is getting his first Bible presented to him in church. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be there to see it, which is The UGH!!. My parents brought him to church with them today so he could participate in the ceremony with the rest of the third-graders, which is wonderful of them. Bubba has been sick for the last week, and finally went into the doctor yesterday and was told he has a sinus infection and started on antibiotics to treat it. He's on the road to recovery...YAY!!

THE UGH!!: All of us except for Trey have been sick with something!! Bubba and Talin have it the worst...Bub with the aforementioned sinus infection, Talin with something yet to be determined by the doctor later this morning. High fevers, headaches, a sore throat and queasy tummy have plagued him for the last three days. I hope it's something simple like strep or the flu...and not something super-yucky like purtussis (aka whooping cough) or pneumonia. Tylenol Cold & Cough help him stay comfortable, but yesterday the lowest his temp got was 102. read that right, 102. This morning he was at 103.3...Yikes!! Derrick has had a cold, and I think Bub shared his sinus infection with I'm going to have that checked today when I take Talin in. I hope it's just a miserable, awful cold and I'll be better in the next couple of days. Gotta love winter in Wisconsin...UGH!!! So today I'll be running to Wal-Mart to pick up juices and liquids for people to consume. I like tea when I'm sick, the kids like Jell-O and freezies. Bub's choices change constantly LOL I just wanna stay in bed :o(

Hope everyone else is WAY healthier than we are!! I'm looking forward to Trey's meet next weekend, and will write again when there's more to tell!! Take care!!

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