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Friday, December 28, 2007

I Think It's Done, Isn't It?

Holy's been two weeks since I wrote on here!! Sure doesn't feel like it!! Thanks to Valerie for making me realize I've been absent...I knew I hadn't written in awhile, but it just didn't seem like it'd been THAT long!!

Well, let's see. We had a Christmas celebration on December 8, at my sister-in-law's apartment building with my husband's mom's family. Then we had another one on December 15, in Spooner, with my mom's family (my parents aren't divorced, just had my mom's side that day) AFTER we'd been at a swim meet from 6:45 AM. We got home at about 9:30 that night from Spooner. I had a doctor's appointment on the 18th, nothing major, just looking into my brain to figure out why I'm such a nut LOL Also had a department meeting that day, so things were a little kabonkers that day too. Then started "Christmas weekend." Saturday night Bub & I went shopping for Christmas presents for everyone. Sunday we had Christmas with my immediate family at my sister's house. The we all got nice things, and brought home a big black plastic bag full of stuff, and leftovers. Monday my two oldest kids had Christmas at their father's mom's house while I worked and Bub took care of Derrick. Then we went and picked the boys up after supper that night. They brought home a big black plastic bag full of stuff. Tuesday we had Christmas at my husband's grandma's house on his dad's side. We brought home a big black bag full of stuff, and leftovers. Wednesday we had Christmas at my husband's dad's house. We brought home a big black bag full of stuff. Seeing a pattern yet? LOL

Thursday I had off from work and I used a few hours of that day to catch my breath. Then I decided it'd be a grand idea to start relocating my youngest two children's bedrooms; putting the youngest in his own room and the middle in the same room as his older brother, so maybe then he'd wake up and get ready for school better. By the time things were rearranged, cleaned up, vacuumed, picked up, organized, decluttered, and cleaned under, we removed a big black bag full of stuff from their rooms. LOL Bring home four, get rid of one. Sounds about right! LOL Today, my middle guy, Talin, was so eager to finish up this change that he volunteered to finish moving his clothes into his new dresser, and his baby brother's clothes into his new room. Of course I had to go through them and sort them out, pull out the ones that don't fit anymore, etc. There went another big black bag full of stuff. Two down, two to go!! Somehow this has all got to balance out in the end...there's no way we can bring four big bags of stuff into this house and only get rid of two, is there?? LOL

But seriously, we're always so thankful for all of the time, thought and effort everyone in our family spends to make sure we all have a great Christmas. We would have a wonderful Christmas just seeing everyone even if we didn't get's nice to be able to be with family at least once a year. We got to meet our newest member of the family, my husband's cousin's baby boy, Mitchel. He's adorable, and amazingly enough my baby clock didn't scream overwhelmingly at me, just kind of a dull yearning that's gone already!! It's incredible...I held a baby, I was around a baby all day, and I didn't leave feeling like I needed another one. Don't get me wrong, I still love babies and kids...there isn't anything I wouldn't do for a child, but I just don't have the feeling of needing another one of my own. Yippee!! Guess that means old age is setting in, huh?

Speaking of old age...another few weeks and I'll be 29 years old; creeping ever closer to that doomsday age...30! Nah, I'm not dreading it really. It's a number...and that's all it is. Like I tell my grandma, it's not how old you are, it's how much life you've lived and how wise it's made're 77 years wise Grandma, not 77 years old! Sometimes that makes her feel better ;o) I mean, she's raised three kids, had three grandkids and now three great-grandkids, lives on her own, is as independent as they come, has lost a husband and never remarried, and is still loving every second of her life most of the time. There's gotta be something to be learned from that.

So, New Years resolution: Not to go more than a week without touching base and making sure you all know I'm alive and kicking! LOL Lord knows that one ought to be busted to smithereens by this time next year! LOL Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a safe and happy New Year!!

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  • At 6:23 AM , Blogger Valarie said...

    Hey!! Welcome back!! :) (Took me long enough) I'm gonna be 29 this year too. It doesn't bug me so much. I figure I am married and have 4 kids, a house and a new van :) ....I am doing alright for 29!!


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