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Friday, October 26, 2007

Day Off (Of Work)

Days off are great, aren't they?? Except when you know you're sacrificing an entire weekend to have a couple of weekdays off. Today was good though. Trey & Talin went to school, Bubba let me sleep in, which was AWESOME! We decided to go to brunch before I took Derrick to speech therapy and Bubba went to get a urine drug screen. I'm sure he failed it. I mean, you should SEE the pills he takes!! Some combination of those has GOT to cause something that will red-flag the urine screen! Just kidding ;o) He did fine. Derrick did pretty good in speech therapy. He was fine when I left the room to go put Trey's swimming stuff in his locker so he wouldn't miss practice today (second Friday in a row he's left his swimming bag at home...little monster's lucky I'm at his school or he'd be missin out!), but threw a fit when I went to leave to use the little girl's room! So I stayed, and afterwards he had to use the bathroom, so we went into the little girl's room. I realized then that even if I would have gone, I still would have had to have held it, because once I got DOWN there to pee, I never would have gotten back UP!

Then when we got home, Bubba showed up shortly after. I was feeling antsy, so I raked up some leaves outside with Derrick while we waited for Talin to get off the bus. Derrick "helped" rake leaves, which mostly consisted of him running into the pile I was creating, only to run back out as I added to it. At the very end he decided to be helpful and carry a few handfuls from the pile I was raking to the big pile. But, he had fun, and it was cute to watch :o)

Talin got off the bus and the four of us headed out to Wal-Mart to look at Halloween costumes. He decided he wanted his face painted red, with a design like a skeleton, and a hooded cape like the grim reaper, and a sword. So that's what Talin will be for Halloween this year. On round two to Wal-Mart tonight, Trey also decided on a skeleton mask that pumps blood-looking liquid through it, and also has a hooded cape. I think Derrick is going to be a puppy. It'll probably be the last year I can get him into something cute without having to start World War 3.

Tomorrow I have to work, and then Bubba and I are going out, hopefully with friends, maybe not, depending on how things work out. Hopefully we'll all be able to hang out, but if it's just me and him, I'll be happy with that too. Either way, he's getting out of the house with me, and without the kids, and that in itself is a miracle! Looking forward to that...YAY! Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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  • At 10:45 PM , Blogger onthegomom said...

    Love those days "off" where there isn't much "off" time!

    Your boys' costumes sound like my boys when they were their age... skeleton, blood (since when do skeletons bleed was always my question...), capes and weapons. Standard boy costume!

    Hope you have a great weekend on your date with your husband!!


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