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Friday, November 02, 2007

Finally Friday...Weekend's Here!

TGIF never sounded SOOO good! And what a Friday it was! It started at 6:07 AM, when Trey came into our room, woke me up and announced that he was all ready for school. He was dressed, ate breakfast, brushed his teeth, took his pill, even fed the fish! Just as some inside info, I set my kids' alarms for 6 AM, and I'm usually am happy if they are ready to go out to the bus stop by 7. So for Trey to be completely ready by 6:07 AM, it brought on the question, "What time did you get up?" He told me he'd been up since 5 AM! As happy as I am to have a morning kid, considering Talin and Derrick are NOT, I told him to please not do that again unless he's going to go to bed earlier because his body needs sleep to keep him awake in school, and healthy and strong to fight off colds and stuff (tis the season!). I don't think he liked the idea, but he agreed. Talin actually got ready for school pretty well too, which helped since Derrick was NOT at all willing to have a happy morning. I woke up exhausted from having brought Bubba in to the ER Thursday night (he was really, really sick, I thought maybe it had something to do with his diabetes, but it turns out it was just a really wicked virus that's making its way around from home to home, and decided to bite Bubba HARD), so I was grateful for only one crabby baby.

I worked my usual shift, Talin came home and asked to go to a neighbor's house, which was fine with me since he lives across the road and down the hill. He likes riding his scooter down the hill because he A: Goes fast, and B: Winds up almost at the other end of the block by the time he slows down enough to stop. I had asked him to please be home at 5, so when 5:30 came around I figured I'd better go get him. I walked, figuring he'd brought his scooter. Silly me...he used his roller blades instead! Luckily he remembered to carry them so he didn't run around barefoot outside the whole time he was playing! Though he did manage to leave his blades and his jacket at another friend's house. So we went to that home, collected his belongings, and he wanted to blade home. Fine with me. He put his blades on and then scootched on his butt down the grassy incline to the sidewalk! All I could think about was "How am I gonna get those stains out!?" Then I asked him if he'd brought anything else with, which he had...his football. Okay, where's that? At the first friend's house, down the aforementioned hill. Remembering seeing the kids break downhill skiing time records going down that hill on scooters and bikes, I realized that I would have probably needed to get stains out of the back of Talin's pants regardless of whether he'd gotten grass stains or scared himself rollerblading down the hill.

Saturday we did nothing. Trey & Talin went to a birthday party for a few hours. I went out with a friend of mine Saturday night, which was fun! We played pool & darts at one place, we checked out another that usually has a band, but no luck that night. Then we found a little place that had a LOT of cars at it, so we decided to check it out! Turns out there was a DJ there, who played pretty good music, so we danced some. Then there was a wet T-shirt contest, something my friend and I had never seen before, so we stuck around for that! One girl one, and all of the T-shirts were lost by the end of the night! We called it a night after that.

Sunday we went to church and Sunday School. Our Sunday School food drive is off to a great start! Hopefully I don't bomb for the kids! Then we came home and cleaned up the house. Mostly. I wound up passed out on the couch for a few hours, as did Derrick! I guess we were both really tired! Talin realized he'd lost another book from school, so we spent about half an hour looking for this thing, no luck. What I did find, though, was how Talin managed to keep his room so clean most of the time. The underside of his bed was CRAMMED full of clothes, toys, cards, puzzle pieces, stuffed animals, and goodness only knows what else! I figured he might as well clean that out and see if his book managed to find any friends under there! Unfortunately the book is still MIA. UGH! I think I'm gonna have to teach that kid that books are like money...keep them WAY out of reach of anyone who might just walk off with it and leave it somewhere strange! LOL

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  • At 12:28 PM , Blogger Valarie said...

    Ahhh, the best weekends are the ones where you get to sit around and do absolutely nothing. My 7 year old can't manage to keep track of her library books! She's on "library book probation" right now!

  • At 8:49 PM , Blogger onthegomom said...

    I totally feel your pain on the missing book. We usually pay for at least ONE book per school year, my daughter loses it. And coincidentally her room looks like a hurricane hit it...

    Hope your husband is feeling better!


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