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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Memory Of A Fish

Last night was another example of the everyday chaos that seems to haunt this family on occasion, regardless of the fact that yesterday was our anniversary. We decided we would treat the kids to dinner and treat ourselves to avoiding the work of cleaning up. Of course, 15 minutes before I got done with work Derrick fell asleep for a nap he should have taken about 3 hours beforehand. So Bub stayed with him while I took Talin with me to get Trey from swimming practice, swung by the clinic to pick up their prescriptions (both are on Adderall for ADHD), drove across town to drop those off to be filled, drove across town home, woke Derrick up from his nap, got him ready to go, and the five of us went to a restaurant we all like. Derrick was very insistant that he wanted cheeseburgers LOL It's so cute, he's starting to assert his preferences :o) He'll say "cheesy-burgers and french fries!" My mother-in-law burst out laughing last weekend the first time he told her that's what he wanted to eat! After dinner we went to the grocery store so we didn't need to eat out for the rest of the week. I had gone over what we needed with Bubba probably three times before we left the house, and when I asked him again in the restaurant before we left, he looked at me and said "You have the memory of a fish!" I about peed myself laughing!

Tonight is DEFINITELY a full moon! The kids were all running around, being wild little creatures. Derrick was not content with anything. Talin was extra whiney and saw exceptional injustice in just about everything tonight. Trey had a rather odd complaint that I can't repeat on here, but it just seemed to fit in with the night's peculiar events. Even I feel a bit restless, but I'm so tired the only place I wanna be is in bed. The call of the wild becons though...tame the dishwashing dragon, demolish the laundry leprechaun who keeps adding to the neverending piles, destroy the dust bunnies...Mmuuuuuuuuuha ha ha ha ha!!! FEEL THE BEAST!! Okay, nevermind. Night night!

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