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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Today is the two week anniversary of this blog being used on a regular basis. YAY!! Already I've had 124 hits, which is WAY more than I ever imagined, but in a good way! Thanks to everyone who visits regularly, and for all of the great comments! And welcome to all of the new people who stop by just to see what kind of whirl-wind chaos strikes our house each day LOL

When I started this, I added a little gizmo I thought people would know about, but apparently I'm mistaken here. At the far bottom left of this page there is a picture of a globe. If you click on it, it opens a map where you, the viewer, can pin-point your location. When you have a sec, I'd really love it if you'd do that, and if you have anything like that on your page, please let me know so I can return in kind!

Today is also another very important day for us. It is my husband and my three year wedding anniversary! We had this great plan all figured out, we already had a c-section date set for Derrick to be born, so we figured we'd get married, I'd start maternity leave early to take a week off of work to get things ready for the baby, and then we'd go in to the hospital and meet our baby boy after we were married and everything was all set up! WRONG! LOL I think Derrick wanted in on all of the wedding excitement, because he was born a month early, which earned him a 17 day stint in the hospital since his lungs weren't quite ready to take on the task of processing air. Apparently I failed to explain to him that even if he were born early, he still wouldn't have been able to come to the wedding. I mean, we would have loved to have had him there and meet a lot of our family and friends, but it just seems a bring a newborn baby to a public event like that and pass him around like a hot potato in the middle of October, commonly known here as flu season. Who wants to spend their honeymoon in a hospital nursing a sick baby?? Well, we did anyway, but that's beside the point LOL Guess I shoulda mentioned that before he wanted to be born, huh? Oops. But he's fine now...nothing to show that he was ever sick...and he yells and screams with the best of 'em!

Last night was a swim team parents meeting at the Y. Being a first time swim team parent, I was really interested in going and seeing what life was like on this side of the coin. I was on the swim team from the 6th grade on through high school, so seeing what I put my parents through is always an interesting perspective for me LOL Trey's coach said he is doing really well though, and I was really happy to hear it! He's so tall and skinny, I know if he sticks with it and does his best, he'll excel at being a competitive swimmer :o) I bought a pair of swimming "jammers," which are the modern-day Speedos for boys. They resemble skin-tight boxers! So, rather than swimming in skin-tight briefs, my guy will be stylin in skin-tight boxers! He loves it so far though, which makes me happy. I would ideally like each of the kids in at least one sport and in one type of musical program, be it piano lessons, guitar lessons, chorus, band, something. My philosophy is that busy kids stay out of trouble, but I don't want them so overwhelmed that they don't have time to see friends and be kids, too. Guess we'll see what the future holds!

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  • At 11:20 PM , Blogger onthegomom said...

    Happy Anniversary (X2!!!)

    I filled in my whereabouts on the map. How did you get that on your blog? I am new to blogging (newer than you) :) I also haven't figured out how to get the counter on my blog. Someday....

  • At 8:45 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Happy anniversary. My husband and I celebrate two anniversaries. We married the first time in 1986, were married for 3 1/2 yrs, divorced for 8 1/2 years and now remarried for 9 1/2 years. Whew.

  • At 1:53 PM , Blogger Valarie said...

    Happy Anniversary. Love the blog. I put my location on your map. So fun. I will have to put one on my blog too.


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