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Monday, May 05, 2008


April kinda snuck by me, not quite sure how it's May already, but somehow it is. April started off with a trip to MN with my friend Rhonda, for an appointment with a dietary specialist for her two youngest kids' dietary needs. Their father managed to find his way there...boy did he look like crap! LOL OMG!! I love going to this stuff with her because I always learn something and it makes it easier for me to understand her when she talks about it. And I feel better about watching them for her cuz I have a pretty good idea of a lot of things they can eat, a lot of things they can't eat, and I usually have something around for them just in case ;o)

Trey's Swim Team banquet was....interesting. Next year I'll be sure to have more than one alcoholic beverage, and only one kid to keep track of while there LOL Then came the birthday parties for Bub's nephews that was cancelled due to a storm that was 100% sure to hit and never did. So much for 100%! Remind me to be a meterologist when I grow up, cuz then I can be absolutely dead wrong at my job and still know it's waiting for me in the morning! LOL

We took some time to go through the kids' rooms for the first of two times this year. It never ceases to amaze me how much CRAP we haul out of their rooms every time we do this!! This year we got a 39 gallon garbage bag STUFFED full of I don't even wanna know what!! I think I'm gonna boycott kids playing with toys and just put foam on their walls, air mattresses on their floors, and call it entertainment for the young 'uns! LOL

My sister's birthday came around, and she's finally what most people consider in her "late 20s," she's 27!! Ha ha Blondie...had to do it to ya LOL We also had the triple birthday party at the farm for Bub's dad, sister and brother. That's always nice to go to and see everyone. Bub had to work that night so he didn't get a ton of sleep that day, but he did okay :o)

Then came Talin's field trip to the State Park with his class. I chaperoned this since I'd chaperoned most of Trey's field trips when he was that age, too. Oh, and I love this field trip cuz we're outside all day long and I always learn something from the very knowledgeable woman who leads the tour. Not to mention it was a perfect day for that trip...we were treated to a warm, sunny, nature-filled day!

Then came the rescheduled birthday parties for Bub's nephews. Due to his work schedule he wasn't able to go, but his mom & step-dad came here Friday night, spent the night, and we followed them to the party while Bub slept during the day. Oh, and we made home-made EGG ROLLS!! These are my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E food in the whole world, and have been for a VERY long time! The birthday party was a lot of was nice to see my sister-in-law, her husband and play with the boys. Derrick had a bit of a cold that day and wasn't his usual self, but did well and slept all the way home.

I went out with my friend Kayte that night while Bub was working and my mother-in-law kept the kids in line. Man did we have a BLAST!! I don't remember the last time before then that we closed down the bar and wound up at Perkin's to get a bite to eat before heading home! I didn't hit the sheets until 3:30 AM!! I was up by 9 that morning too, and stayed up the rest of the day. I was tired by bed time that night though!! LOL Still wonder how in the world I managed to do that as much as I did back when I was younger!! LOL

Yep, that was April...not busy, not quiet, just active enough to kinda slip by me unnoticed. May promises to keep me a little busier it looks like! Trey has a music program this week, I work this weekend, next weekend is Talin's 7th birthday, the week after that Bub's sister graduates from high school and it's my dad's birthday over Memorial Day weekend, and then it's JUNE! HO-LEE MOLEY!! LOL I swear I'm gonna blog more often than once a month from now on, K? LOL Thanks for stickin with me!!

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