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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Puppy Says Squeak?

This morning started out eventfully enough. A constant squeak had me searching through the house looking for a mouse, only to discover the clip to the dog's tie out chain had somehow remained on her collar and the friction between the clip and the metal loop on her collar was making the squeaking noise! I was just grateful she hadn't swallowed a mouse whole. I mean, how do you teach a kid a puppy says "Arf" when its tummy is saying "Squeak?" LOL

Last night I finally drug myself to the grocery store with all three hungry kids in tow. We managed to make it out alive with only one smooshed loaf of bread out of three, one sit-down strike by Derrick after being refused a bag of chips, only two packages of cookies, about two tantrums from Derrick total, one trip to the restroom after Derrick's proclamation of "I go pee!" was as contageous as the flu, and me wondering a dozen times exactly WHY couldn't I feed my kids Halloween candy, cereal and apple pie for supper again?? I mean, that was available as soon as you walked in the door, and apples are good for you!! Oh yeah, dentist appointment next week. I could see my kids saying, "Our favorite supper was last week when Mom let us have candy, cereal and apple pie for supper, as much as we wanted!" The jingling sound of paying for the damage to teeth that they will lose in a year isn't music to my ears.

Speaking of which, if there were such a thing as tooth fairies, "Deal or No Deal" would have NOTHING on them!! I mean, we parents spend a MINT to keep our kids' teeth healthy, strong, and useable by way of fillings, crowns, cleanings, whatever needs to be done, just for them to fall out! Then, the tooth fairy comes and takes this little mine of precious materials and leaves what, 25 cents? If only I could be a tooth fairy...

Tomorrow is Derrick's three year old well child check with the doctor. My little boy is getting big so fast!! I'll write soon and let you know how that all goes!

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