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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can!'s not for wusses! Typically the groggiest day of the week is well known as the slowest day of the week. Today, however, took a dramatic twist from the norm. Today, I didn't manage to wake up, even to the alarm, until my kids were heading out the door to the bus. Upon dragging myself by the hair out of bed, it's very apparent that my husband will not be attending work today, as the torture bug has it's teeth sunk in DEEP to his immune system. I shuffled into the living room where I saw the baby, still sound asleep on the sofa, where he FINALLY crashed at 5:15 this morning, after an hour-long struggle of trying to stay awake at 4 AM. This contributed greatly to my inability to wake up on time! However, unlike my fair-haired child, I didn't have the luxury of sleeping in until 9:30 this morning! Nope, I hit the keys like a good girl and started work at 8 AM, while hubby and baby each slept on a sofa. While the puppies slept on the floor. While the kitties slept on the chair. I felt a bit left out!!
Then, 10:00 AM hit. I logged out from work to take a shower and get ready for my eye appointment. After taking my usual 20 minutes to shower and dress, Bub asked me if I'd take Derrick to the sitter's, which normally I would have, except that my eye appointment was in Eau Claire at 10:45, so I HAD to get a move on! Bub reluctantly (thankfully!) agreed to take Derrick to the sitter.
My eye appointment was eyes are getting older and need more help seeing things the way they're supposed to. Oh, those glaucoma drops!! YUK! My eyes felt awful, and they hurt. So, to avoid any more unpleasantness, like the headache that was creeping up on me, I thought I'd treat myself to Taco Bell, for being a good girl and taking care of myself! Then I thought of Bub, sitting home by himself, sick, and decided he'd probably like something too...and then he couldn't be TOO upset with me! So, off to Taco Bell I went, then back to the office where my wonderful co-workers are, and I shared their lunch break with them. It was SUCH a nice time to see some of the folks again, and gab. Just like old times!
Then home, to finish more work, and feed Bubba, who wasn't really hungry, but found it in his heart...or eat what I had brought him. Work, work, come home from school! I sorted through their backpacks and shipped them outside to play for awhile, while I finished up work. I worked until 5, and this, folks, is where the night really began.
I left home at 5:50, got to parent/teacher conferences in time to start Trey's conference at 6, with all three boys so Bub could rest in peace, went to the book fair the school was having, attended Talin's conference, went to the Y to drop of Trey's permission slip to try the swim team next week, drove over to McDonald's for supper, sprayed $10 in the car for gas while inhaling my double quarter pounder, shot across the highway to pick up some medicine for Bub's cold, swung into Gordy's to get some soup for him...cuz chicken noodle soup cures every cold...then finally was able to drag all of us home only to pursue a new sport called speed bathing in order to have all three kids in bed before 8:30!
Now, most people would think I'm here relaxing, taking it easy before turning in for the night. Nope. I will be here, typing away, making up the 2 1/2 hours I still have to make up from my eye appointment WAY back at 10:45 this morning. (Remember that part??) I think I can't wait until the kids can drive! LOL Hope you all had a great Monday, and not nearly as hectic as this one was for us!


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